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Jacqui is qualified in sports injury neuromuscular. She has had different experiences, her career path started when she decided she wanted to train in beauty and as a result gained a HND qualification which resulted in 8+ years of studying the human skin. Jacqui had then spent 3 years with the met and unilearning to earn her level 3 & 4 doing several PD courses including cupping, graston and kinston taping at kingsbridge. Jacqui has also beneficial experience in working with the NHS for 5 years beforehand. It is her goal to give something back to the trust. It comes as a formidable experience working with patients who have experiencing pain to making them feel healthier everyday. Jacqui works with a variety of clients from different backgrounds. Sports; athletes, bodybuilders, footballers etc. Work related injuries; strain, manufacturing and repetitive injuries. Rehabilition following medical procedures. Jacqui is fully qualfied and insured.

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